Eden Gardens L L C  landscaping UAE
Eden Gardens L L C  landscaping UAE
/ Who we are

Who we are

Eden Gardens L L C works with a philosophy that the quality of outdoor spaces directly influence our lives. Context and sustainability are key considerations of our processes and designs. We are passionate, driven, and unwilling to compromise on quality.

Eden Gardens L L C through employing a specialised team of landscape architects, horticulturists, irrigation engineers, and skilled workers, aim to bring exceptionally designed and built outdoor areas.

Offering quality landscaped garden/outdoor area, combinations of hard landscaped outdoor seating areas, water features, swimming pools ,plant areas, following contemporary design elements.

Eden Gardens L L C commitment to provide cutting edge design and expert installation of quality gardens assure clients exceptional satisfaction. The aim is to also provide, through a number of retail outlets that provide high quality plants, landscape and irrigation products at an affordable price to the consumers of the UAE, including unique products that have sustainable offerings.


Sustainability and the use of “green” products are at the core of Eden Gardens L L C philosophy

/ History


The ownership of Eden Gardens L L C bring with it a wealth of experience that extends over a period of 14 years in the industry.

Being the pioneers of irrigation and landscaping in the UAE, the owners have played a vital role in the commitment to construct world class gardens assured all its client a total quality service.

Customer-tailored services offered by a well trained team, comprising of landscape architects; design engineers; project engineers; supervisor; and skilled workers, to suit the varying requirement from private clients; municipalities, palaces to hotels and government bodies, with optimum outcomes.

Eden Gardens L L C is the new venture aimed at bringing this experience to the consumers of the UAE